Halloweensie Contest

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For the first time, I’m entering Susanna Leonard Hill’s annual Halloweensie Contest. The rules this year is that the story be for children aged 12 and under, 100 words or fewer, and include the words: trick, cobweb, and potion. Please enjoy my entry below!

Hob, Gob, and Lin

Hob, Gob, and Lin

Wandered on the shore.

Said Hob to Gob and Lin,

“Let’s trick door to door.”


But then a ghostly ship appeared

With cobweb mast a-waving.

Climbing aboard, found potions brewed,

And sweets that fed their craving.


Brave and brash our heroes were

As they gathered sugary booty.

But even candy pirates

Have their blood-sworn duty.


For when you loot a pirate ship,

A heavy price you pay

Our ghostly heroes sail the seas

Seeking candy night and day.


You can read other entries at Susanna’s website Susanna Leonard Hill

Happy Halloween!




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