For Writers

Tiffany is proud to be an independent author. Below are some websites, organizations, and resources that have helped her along her writing journey. We hope they may help you!

Alliance of Independent Authors – Everything self-publishing for beginners to pros, including podcasts, books, annual conference, Facebook groups, and more.

Northwest Christian Writers Association – Offers support, critique groups, monthly Zoom and in-person meetings, annual conference, and more.

Northwest Independent Writers Association – Offers monthly Zoom meetings, education, support, and opportunities for in-person book sales.

20Booksto50k – Offers a Facebook group and annual conference packed with industry professionals, highly successful independent authors, and education.

The Creative Penn – We can not over-recommend Joanna Penn’s podcast, books, and tutorials for absolutely everything the independent author needs to know.

Sarra Cannon (Heart Breathings) – Creator of the Publish & Thrive self-publishing course, Heart Breathings writers’ planning system, and more.

NaNoWrimo – National Novel Writing Month is held annually worldwide in November. It’s great way to jump-start your novel with much comraderie.

SPA (Self-Publishing Advice) Girls – Offers a podcast and Patreon from New Zealand. They share tips, tricks, support, and laughs for listeners.

Helping Writers Become Authors – K.M. Weiland offers a podcast, website, and books to do just that. She has a calm, no-nonsense approach to the writing craft.

Wish I’d Known Then – This podcast starring Sara Rosette & Jami Albright shares interviews with successful self-publishers & insights into the author journey.