Tabby’s just doing her best to be a normal seventh-grader. With the usual ups and downs of friends, school, and boys, she’s a typical girl. But, in 1980 Portland, OR, being biracial isn’t quite the norm. Just wanting to fit in becomes increasingly challenging as other kids push her to “choose a side” and declare one racial identity. But she isn’t just one thing – she knows she has many sides. Can turning the kaleidoscope set her vision of who she is for once and for all?

, a middle-grade historical fiction novel is a fun read, reminiscent of Are You There God? It’s Me, Margaret.” Kids aged 9-12 will enjoy following Tabby and her eclectic group of friends as they navigate growing pains, as well as issues that are bigger than they are.

The farm is the only home young mink Malinka has ever known. But, when a stranger arrives, Malinka is confronted with the reality her home is not the haven she wants to believe it is. Accepting the truth of what life on a fur farm means for her and her kits, she must make a choice.

Will she stay in her comfortable world at monumental risk to herself and her young family, or will she run for freedom and the land called Glayshur when the chance comes? And if she does run, will freedom be worth the costs?

A Mink’s Tale, a story in the tradition of Watership Down and the Warriors series, takes readers on a journey of adventure, courage, and loyalty. A great read for ages 9-12 and for all animal lovers!