I’ve Done it Again

Happy March, Everyone!

Another month, another contest. This time it’s author Vivian Kirkfield’s #50 Precious Words contest. Inspired by the fact that Green Eggs and Ham by Dr. Seuss has only 50 unique words (the word count totals 700), our aim is to write a children’s story in 50 words or less. My story, Clarella, comes in at exactly 50!

Last year, there were almost 300 entries, so competition is keen. But I did win an honorable mention for lyrical language last year. That entry The Mink is below.

Also, check out Vivian’s website (linked below) to learn about the contest and read more entries! https://viviankirkfield.com/2019/03/02/the-50preciouswords-writing-contest-is-open/



They called us Clarella.

Clare and Ella.

Best friends.

Peas in a pod.

Romping, boogying, giggling.

Until Clare moved away.

Now I’m just Ella.

Somewhere, she’s just Clare.

No longer a pair.

And I’ve got time to spare.

“Hey, over there!

What’s your name?”

“It’s Blair.”

Blairella? Could be worse.


My honorable mention winning entry from last year:

The Mink

Moonlit snow on the riverbank glittered like diamonds as the mink began her night hunt. A ripple enticed her to dive into the frigid hunting ground. Seconds later, she emerged. Writhing scales cast rippling rainbows on the white drifts. She partook, thankful for her warm coat and the bountiful river.

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