Valentiny Contest Entry

Happy Valentine’s Day, Readers!

I am participating in Susannah Leonard Hill’s 4th Annual Valentiny Contest.

Oh, Guilty Heart! – The 4th Annual Valentiny Writing Contest!

The rules for the contest are that it must be 214 words or fewer (not including title), be written for children, and someone in the story must feel guilty (each year Hill chooses a different emotion for us to write about).

Here is my story. Enjoy! (And it’s not too late to enter yourself!)


            Alex clutched her rainbow wallet. Inside the dollar store, she headed for the clothing aisle.

Her eyes widened. Perfect! Just what she wanted for the Valentine’s party. She gazed at the socks with rainbow-colored hearts. Her own heart raced.

A smaller girl stopped beside her. Through thick glasses, she peered at the heart socks. “Ooh! I’m gonna ask Grandma to buy them with my birthday dollar.” Alex heard the girl’s loose shoes slapping away.

“I saw them first!” Alex grabbed the socks, pressing them to her body. Head down, she marched to the check-out. The clerk gave her change from her $10. Alex barely mumbled “Thank you.”

On Valentine’s Day, she shoved the socks in her backpack. “I’ll put them on later,” she thought.

At school, the gym was open. A little girl with glasses cartwheeled in circles. Alex’s guilty heart did a somersault. She knew what she must do.

Walking quickly to the shoes lining the wall, she knelt and set a heart sock in each of two old sneakers.

Without the socks, the party was just okay. But Alex’s heart soared when she ran to the bus. On a playground swing, a pair of little legs covered in hearts the color of the rainbow flew high.

8 thoughts on “Valentiny Contest Entry”

    1. Thank you, Lorisa! I believe there were several hundred entries, so that takes time for reading by the judges. Prizes include offerings such as free critiques from authors and agents, author-signed books, and general swag that writers covet. But win or not it’s an excellent opportunity to practice writing lean and short.

  1. Sweet story, Tiffany! I felt Alex’s guilt! Haven’t we all done something selfish and later felt bad about it. I’m glad Alex made things right 🙂 Thanks for joining in the Valentiny fun!

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