Just When You Thought It Would Never Happen . . . The 2019 Halloweensie Contest Finalists – Vote For Your Favorite!!!

My Halloweensie story did not place, but here are the top 12 out of 324 (!) entries for your enjoyment. Aren’t they terrific? Feel free to follow the link to Susanna’s site and vote for your favorite.

Susanna Leonard Hill

All right, you guys.

Clearly there was a dastardly plan afoot.

A plot, one might say, involving sneaking, secrecy, and skulduggery!

I know what you’ve have been up to.

On a dark and stormy night, you all got together in a cobweb-covered barn and, sipping a delectable steaming potion concocted of chocolate and cream, with bobbing marshmallows and a dusting of cocoa powder, you rubbed your hands together gleefully and cackled, “Oh, what a trick we can play!”

Forthwith, you applied yourself to submitting 324 –  yes, that’s THREE HUNDRED AND TWENTY FOUR!!! – amazing entries to the 9th Annual Halloweensie Contest!

I think it’s safe to say you nearly did us in.

We are but shadows of our former selves, haggard from a solid week of reading and re-reading, evaluating and re-evaluating, trying desperately to narrow the tremendous field down to 12 finalists.

I’m going to tell you…

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