Conference Critiques: What They’re Like

In May, I attended the SCBWI-OR conference. The Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators is the largest organization for the support, education, and networking of – you guessed it – children’s writers and illustrators. It is an international organization with over 24,000 published and pre-published members, and more than 100 regions (or chapters) worldwide.… Continue reading Conference Critiques: What They’re Like

Stephanie Feldstein: 3-Question Interview

I’m thrilled to present author Stephanie Feldstein. Stephanie is the Population and Sustainability Director of the Center for Biodiversity. She is an animal lover, a writer, and (I’m so lucky to say) one of my critique partners. Stephanie has been published on Huffington Post and other online news outlets. Her debut book, The Animal Lover’s… Continue reading Stephanie Feldstein: 3-Question Interview

Busy Learning

     I’ve been busy! In the last couple of weeks, I attended a writer panel discussion, met with my critique group, and participated in both a dialogue writing workshop and a “writing tight” (i.e. avoiding wordiness) workshop. I also turned in the first half of my last writing assignment for the Institute of Children’s… Continue reading Busy Learning

“Martin Marten” – or How Humans and Nature are Not Two Separate Things

This week I finished reading two very different books: Martin Marten by Brian Doyle and The Skin I’m In by Sharon G. Flake. They are both excellent in different ways, and I recommend both – to students of society, nature, and human nature. Next week I’ll share my thoughts on The Skin I’m In. Martin… Continue reading “Martin Marten” – or How Humans and Nature are Not Two Separate Things


I've had this website for over a year, however I have blogged virtually nothing (for many reasons).  I have shared articles and posts written by others that I felt would benefit other writers (especially those who are prepublished). Now I'm adding to the mix. Inspired by my friend Patsy Parker ( I am endeavoring to… Continue reading Hello…

GUEST POST with DANNA SMITH: My Journey from Reading Little Golden Books to Writing Them

So interesting. I didn’t know Little Golden Books were still being produced!

Laura Sassi Tales

Springtime Babies Cover HRFinally, spring is in the air!  I hear the birds chirping at sunrise. There’s a robin family building a nest in my neighbor’s tree.  The cherry blossoms are about to burst. It’s perfect timing to welcome today’s guest blogger, picture book author Danna Smith, in celebration of the release of her new springtime book, SPRINGTIME BABIES, published by Little Golden Books. Today she’ll be sharing her journey from reading Little Golden Books as a child to now writing them! Thank you so much for stopping by, Danna.  Take it away!

Wonders of NatureMost Americans can remember growing up with Little Golden Books, those little gems that captured our hearts at the store while our parents shopped. Books like The Poky Little Puppy, Scuffy the Tugboat and my favorite, Wonders of Nature, caught our attention with their distinctive gold foil spines, colorful illustrations, and exciting adventures. The first 12 Little Golden Book titles hit…

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