Book Ownership: It Makes a Difference

  Yesterday, I attended a parent’s open house at a local elementary school. The Parent-Teacher Organization (PTO) gave a free new book to every student who attended. I asked the parent manning the book table where the books came from. He told me they earned some through their Scholastic sales and others were purchased with… Continue reading Book Ownership: It Makes a Difference

The True Story Behind GHOST CAT by Kevan Atteberry Will Move You

Hello Readers,
After losing our 10-month-old pug last week, this story particularly speaks to me.
I’ve heard Kevan Atteberry read. He is a sweet man and a talented artist.

Writing for Kids (While Raising Them)

by Kevan Atteberry

GHOST CAT all began because, well, I have a ghost cat in my house. I never really see it—just darts and blurs out of my peripheral vision. There may be any number of logical explanations for this phenomena but I’m going with the ghost cat explanation.

We had a cat, a black cat, that showed up at our house years and years ago. It just appeared on our porch for several days in a row and eventually my wife, Teri, stated feeding it. I warned her if she fed it it would stick around. And she did, and it did. It came to us as an outdoor cat but eventually became an indoor/outdoor cat. If it had other places to be he was free to go there. He didn’t, preferring to live with us. And he did for about a dozen years. One day I hadn’t seen…

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